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Dog Agility is becoming increasingly popular as a sport - it involves a special partnership between dog and handler as they learn skilled control to negotiate a course containing

Tashi's 1st clear round at Norwest RT

jumps and various obstacles. Not all handlers wish to enter competition with their dogs and that's OK, but be aware that once you have had a taste of competitive agility, chances are that you will be hooked.

How agility began....

Kennel Club rules govern this sport, and as a Club we must abide by them. Dogs from 18 months of age can start instruction.   However they are limited in what they are allowed to do. This is to ensure no injury to joints or ligaments of a still growing dog.

On reaching the age of 18 months they are introduced to all obstacles and once confident, anything from 8-16 weeks, move up to the next class where other areas of training are explored.

Norwest Dog Training Club practices Agility on Wednesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7pm - participants are asked to come earlier at 6.45pm to help put out the equipment.

If you are wishing to participate please note that dogs must have good focus, some impulse control, be able to work off leash and have a good recall. You are welcome to visit and see what we do and we like you to come for 2 consecutive Wednesdays so we can assess the level of control over your dog before signing up.


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 Just for Fun beginners and Intermediate classes run to the school term timetable.  

 Senior class will run all year weather permitting.               

 Course One Commences: Wednesday 13th February 2019                              

 Classes start at 7.00pm and 7.30pm



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