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Training is all about clear communication and consistency. Our primary job is to teach our dogs what we DO want them to do rather than scold them for what we DON'T. Puppies don't learn what is "right" or "wrong". What they learn is to repeat behaviours that work for them. Behaviour that "works" by allowing your puppy to accomplish a goal, relieve frustration or stress, or meet a need, will continue, and will become a "habit" -either good or bad.
Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. Dog Behaviorist

At Norwest Dog Training Club our training methods are designed to be a positive experience for both handler and dog.  The club uses up to date, reward based, force free training methods designed to enhance and strengthen the bond between you and your dog and foster a training environment where the dog feels safe and trusts that it will be treated fairly.

If you have a puppy or adolescent dog your fun journey is just beginning. We really recommend regular training sessions around other dogs for the first year at least. Getting and keeping your dog well socialised takes constant work for the first 3 years and honestly, takes more than one training course. Your puppies are probably very sweet and obliging now but teenage dogs can sometimes be very trying and challenging. Your dogs are not expected to get on with every other dog (just like us with other people) but we work hard to teach appropriate behaviours around other dogs and prevent bad habits from developing.
Training and having fun with your dog is a great way to develop and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Training is all about having fun and being aware of your body posture, your timing, clarity, consistency and reinforcement rates.

Our Obedience classes are designed to cater for the companion pet dog, but if handlers are interested in competing with their dogs, we do offer competitive classes.



Nicole and Todd

The obedience side of NWDTC is manned by a group of dedicated and experienced  people who volunteer their time to teach not only the beginner domestic dog handler the basics, but also the finer points involved in all levels of competitive dog handling.

It is never too late (or early) to start training your dog and we welcome dogs of all ages and sizes. Puppies are in small classes grouped according to age. Dogs over 7 months begin in our starters class. (No separate baby puppy classes over courses three and four. Fully vaccinated  puppies still welcome but classes will be outdoors)

Puppies are accepted from 3 months or once their  vaccinations are complete.  The focus for our youngest members is on positive social interactions, developing impulse and frustration control and lots of gentle body handling with advice on bite inhibition, toilet training, feeding and body language. We'll cover basic good manners and how to make training fun and enjoyable for you both. We prefer the "learn to earn" method and use lure and reward training methods.

We also offer the fun and growing dog sport; Rally-Obedience. This is a sport in which a dog and handler complete a course of 10 or more stations, where at each station a certain skill, such as weaving between cones; a down or sit stay, is performed. The quicker you go through the course and the fewer mistakes you make, the higher your score. The aim is to get around the course with a happy attentive dog, at a nice consistent pace with the dog in position and not making any mistakes. Lots of fun for both dog and handler.

Obedience classes are on Monday nights starting at 7pm. (45 minutes) .

Childrens Class is on Wednesday at 4.30pm (50 minutes). Children aged 7 -15 years. Dogs must be at least 8 months old.

Places unfortunately, cannot be held on a promise. You will need to pre-enrol your Handler/Dog combination to secure a spot in the next available intake.

E-mail - Preferred contact


Contact: (Enrolments) Ellie Booth -


 or Joan McFarlane - 09 420 6468 or - 027 276 5507


Note: Course Start Dates   2015 

Course one commences Monday 2nd February 2015  (Taking enrolments after Jan 1st)

Course two commences Monday  30th March (Open)

Course three commences Monday  15th June (Open)

Course four commences Monday  17th August (Open)

Course five commences Monday   October (Open)

Games Night / Breakup th December 2015

Christmas parade Friday December 4th 2015



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