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Our classes 

We offer a range of different activities for you to enjoy with your dog. They all start with a basic level of obedience training so that should be your first stop. Once you've mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced obedience, or try our some of our fun dog-sports such as Rally-O, Fun-gility and Fly-gility! 

For obedience class term dates, see further below. Fun-gility and Fly-gility runs from February to November, weather permitting.

Dog Walk

Basic Obedience & Rally-O

Mondays from 7-8pm 

Whether you want to start from the basics or take on the challenge of Rally-O, our experienced trainers will be there to guide you and help you succeed. We believe in creating a positive and fun environment where both you and your dog can learn and thrive. The more time you invest in your dog's training, the more freedom you will have and the happier you will both be!

Dog Contest


Wednesdays from 6.45 - 8pm

Some dogs are more energetic than others!  That’s why we have a wide range of activities, including Agility*, which is both fun and athletic. Agility teaches dogs to jump, weave, go through tunnels, and scale other obstacles, which is not only great exercise but also mentally stimulating. Our trainers will work with both you and your furry friend to scale new heights... literally!

*NB We are not accredited by Dogs NZ to run competitive Agility, so our focus is on fun.

Playing Fetch


Wednesdays from 6 - 6.45 pm

Fly-gility is perfect for dogs who love to catch a tennis ball! 

In this class, we teach dogs to jump over a series of hurdles before releasing a tennis ball and bringing it back to their owner. It's a test of speed and skill, often racing against another dog on a parallel course.

Obedience class term dates 2024

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