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Dog Walker at the Park

Common Questions

What People Are Asking Us

How does the club operate?

Our volunteer instructors teach in group classes of 10 - 15 dogs. Each obedience class lasts 7 weeks and we have 5 intakes every year. Once you have graduated from the basic class, you move up to the intermediate and advanced classes when your dog is ready, or try a new skill like Agility, Rally-O or Flygility.

How old should my dog be?

It's never too late to train your dog! We do have puppy classes held inside the clubhouse for puppies aged at least 14 weeks. Older puppies (around 6-10 months) train outside in the next age group class. 

For Agility dogs must be at least 18 months old and for Flygility 12 months old, to prevent injury to younger dogs who are still growing.

What if it's raining?

Classes will be cancelled if the weather is really wet and/or if the grounds are waterlogged. This will be notified 2 hours before class starts, usually via our Facebook page but also via email.

What is your approach to dog training?

We use positive reinforcement to train dogs, ie fun, praise and reward. You will teach your dog how to focus on you, and build other skills from that solid base. You'll be amazed how much your dog will lap up your dedicated attention in class!

How much does it cost?

The membership fee is $50 per year per handler and the course tuition fee is $100. This gives you access to club training, working through the various classes for the calendar year. 

What are your vaccination requirements?

All dogs on Club grounds must be fully vaccinated against parvovirus and leptospirosis and we ask to see evidence of this on the first night of training. 

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